Psalm 27 (Poetic interpretation)

You’re my light (-) and I know You’ll deliver me

Who shall I fear when You’ve given me

The strength to survive, so where’s the man who can limit me?

When the ignorant are rising to injure me

Confused by jealousy (-) they would consume my flesh

Imbued with enmity, I watch them lose their step

Victims of conditioning imprisoned in their misery

Unwilling to be human and enter the synergy

If an army should rise up against me

If the promises of allies are revealed as empty

If my being is placed under siege

Still Your sacred name will I breathe,

Asking only to dwell in Your house in humility

Thanks for the gifts that You’ve given me

May I watch as the sweetest delivery

Clears all fear cos right here (and now) is Infinity

Now my head is held high over my enemies

My insecurities and my fear lay trembling

I will come to Your tent with an offering

I will sing from my depths giving thanks and honouring

You who my heart reminds me to seek

In the sweetest silence, there I hear You speak

And even if my father and mother reject me

I know that You’re always there to protect me

Show me Your ways thru the ups and downs of life

And help me to channel your light

Please don’t let me enslave myself with lies

Please, don’t let me hide

If it wasn’t for my faith in Your goodness,

I couldn’t survive, I wouldn’t be speaking these lines

So hope – learn to hope, whatever the price,

Hope, must always survive.