Rabbinical Work

p and p's chupah

I’ve been privileged to work with many communities, camps, schools and synagogues as a rabbi, scholar-in-residence, ritual facilitator and pastoral counselor.

Here’s some of the feedback I’ve received for this work:

The Prospect Heights Shul, founded in 2011, is a young, diverse Modern Orthodox community. As the rabbinic intern, Daniel was responsible for creating a curriculum for weekly classes, delivering short insights on the weekly Torah portion over Shabbat, and providing pastoral support or guidance as needed. 

Daniel was extremely professional, creative, and willing to adapt to our community’s unique needs…I would recommend Daniel for a teaching or a pulpit position without reservation. Daniel is compassionate, listens to others, and does not shy from constructive criticism. He is extremely thorough and attentive to detail.
Sarah Chopnick (Vice President, The Prospect Heights Shul, NY)

Reb Daniel made an instant connectionwith the kids with his charm, humor, easy-going nature, and impressive talent as a rapper and educator. The kids left feeling more connected to the topic (Purim) and more connected to each other – the program exceeded my expectations.
Rabbi Saul Strosberg (Spiritual Leader, Congregation Sherith Israel, Nashville, TN)

Daniel added a dimension to the informal education at Camp Yavneh that energized our campers in their learning. His creativity and dedication to bringing a dynamic Judaism to our next generation enlivened the souls of all who met him.
– Jeff Weener (Assistant Director, Camp Yavneh, NH)

Daniel is a skilled and sensitive teacher; an expressive, engaging, and inspiring artist; and a natural leader who has facilitated over a dozen diverse experiences for a variety of retreats at Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center. He connects with people from all backgrounds in meaningful and enjoyable ways, his positive energy is infectious, and his enthusiasm is boundless. If you have the opportunity to bring Daniel to your community in any way, do it!
– Adam Segulah Sher (Director of Transformative Experiences, Hazon)

Daniel barmizvah’d my son Jamie…The guests were a mixture of observant jews, secular jews and non-jews with around 50% of people attending at a Barmitzvah for the first time. Daniel co-conducted a beautiful and joyous shacharit service whilst giving a meaningful commentary throughout. Our guests felt strongly connected to, and thoroughly enjoyed the service.
– Gilad Hayeem