New Heart (Rosh Hashana)
To obtain the teachings which the lyrics are based on, please click here and write the message “New Heart.”

Sanctuary (Psalm 91 Redux)
Psalm 91 is also called ‘The Song of Plagues’ which makes this piece all too relevant today, unfortunately.
For more information about the psalm and its meaning, please click here.


You’re My Light (Psalm 27 Redux)
This psalm is inserted into our prayer services during the fall season, as we re-turn towards the New Year and Yom Kippur.
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I Wake Up
Hip Hop Film Noir, video directed by Saul Sudin.


Purim: Tested Like Esther
Klezmer Hip hop beat produced by Daniel Gouly


Parshat Vayeshev: Joseph and his Colorful Coat
Produced by the wonderful people at G-dcast


Tisha B’Av: The Meaning of Teshuva
Video by Dani Landau


Maccabee Revolt
A hip hop graphic novel for Chanukah, directed by Philip Kingslan John


Austrian National TV Interview with Lines of Faith


Promo Video for Lines of Faith
Video by Dani Landau