Psalm 30 (Poetic Interpretation)

I will exalt my creator

For You lifted me

And never let me fear get the best of me

You raised me up

From the pit of despair

Now I can’t recall how I got in there.

In those days of sweet conceit

I would never have believed that life could be so deep

Then my ego was blown away

I was town away

And so open to be shown the way.

You broke me down so You could build me up

I had to lose it all

So You could fill my cup

And teach me to be myself

I need to ask for help

From the One who could answer well.

If You hid your face

I’d have nowhere else to turn

And so I eventually learnt


But You

Could save

And who revive

But the versa is also vice –

If I should waste in death

This sacred flesh



Raise their breath

To praise Your ineffable name of the nameless flame

You are that remain in change.

You turn my funeral dirge to a dance of forgiveness

I was lost but You let me live yeh

I was deep in the pit

But You raised me up

So forever and a day

I will praise the One.