She’s waiting


And agelessly sacred

She graces the places we spaciously ache in

Her face is the shape of the wave as it traces

Through particle flow back to One through the maze of

Delusion, seeming duality

Darkness and light intertwine in Her majesty

Feel Her in any and every movement and motion

See Her caress from the moon to the ocean

Unbounded and generous

The ground so benevolent

That nurtures the seed through rounds of development

Her silent intelligence defies all measurement

The eye of the hurricane

Nothing can weather but

Those who remember

Those who endeavour

Adventurers turn each now to forever

Simply by being

Witness the free in

Every sound or word you’re seeing

Past the tinted glass of thinking fast

But feeling empty

When we let be

We can tempt the


Gently working

Let immersion

Hold the process

Grow the focus

We who live the dream of progress

Not through stocks and shares we own this

Once we slumbered

Now we know this

Seeming dream of pain and lies will rule

Until we chose to fuel

Our engine with an aching to redeem

Because the way it’s been’s

A prologue

To a world

We plainly need

I said the way it’s been’s just

A prologue

To a world

We plainly need


Coronate the Queen