The Seed

Something’s happening

Though not yet currently perceptible

We build the receptacle humbly

Cos we know that we’re nothing

Yet we

Know that creation was for us discovering


In every moment

Uncovering kernels that need to be mothering


But 1st

They must shed all the shells which are smothering

Winnowing down to the essence to once again


With incredibly integrity and certainty

Shoots gasping upwards

Universe emerging see

Eyes need discipline and guidance to truly see

Senses are limited but stretch to infinity

With training

Focus on the hiddenmost Divinity

Continuously present in the whisper of her synergy

Remind us – let the ram’s horn blast through the past

You and I have constructed to pass through this wilderness

Those clouds which have shielded us from serpent and scorpion

We’ll soon be calling on

Where are you?

I can’t count the ways I’ve diluted and scarred you

Forgive me

I will no longer argue

The soil between me and sky

I will part you